Monday, April 4, 2011

What's next?

This past saturday we held our first ladies 'event' which was called "Celebrate Spring". My dear friend and I worked like crazy ladies and transformed the entry way to our church into a 'garden'. It looked great. We had lots of finger foods and made smoothies (we really wanted to do something a little different). The ladies really seemed to enjoy everything.

Since I am the new Women Ministry Leader, I wanted the ladies of our church to get to know me better, so I shared my testimony, tried to talk a little about spring, but mostly talked about winter...and how the Lord uses the difficult seasons of our lives to draw us to himself.

Today I learned that I did not get the new job I had interviewed for...which is okay. Unfortunately, today was a very stressful day. VERY stressful. I feel like my job is a 'winter' experience for me. Almost, every day, I feel the weight of this job. Sometimes, spring pokes it's head out, and I feel good about what I accomplish at work, but mostly, the job is bigger than me.

I guess I better take my own advice and draw close to God....I need His help. I am so thankful He is eager to come to my rescue. He is my 911 and He never fails.

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